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  • About CMD Affiliate
    • 1. What is CMD Affiliate Program?
    • CMD Affiliate Program is a partnership program where an Affiliate earns a commission based on the wagering activity of players that are referred to CMD through banners and text links on your website. It’s an easy way to generate additional income from existing traffic on your website. Upon registering an Affiliate account, you can earn a commission based on your players’ wagering activity on CMD for life!
    • 2. Why should I join CMD Affiliate Program?(Advantages)
    • 1)Freedom. You are your own boss as you can work from home;
      2)Free membership. All you need is your own website;
      3)Easy steps to join, as well as utilizing our advanced marketing tools;
      4)You’ll earn a generous commission based on the wagering activity of players that you refer to CMD.The more they play the more you stand to earn. Your income is limitless.;
      5)CMD brand has a solid reputation with over 16 years in the gaming industry;
      6)Our products are fair and equitable and we pay out our Affiliates’ commissions on time.
    • 3. Is there a joining fee at CMD Affiliate Program?
    • Joining CMD is absolutely FREE. Simply click Join Now , and sign up to get your unique Affiliate ID and start marketing to your traffic.!
    • 4. What do I need to become a CMD Affiliate?
    • 1)Your own website;
      2)Desire to increase your wealth;
    • 5. How do I register an account?
    • Simply click here to get to the registration page, follow the instructions to fill out the form, then press “submit”. Within minutes, you will receive an approval email with additional Affiliate account information.
    • 6. Can I join even if I don't have my own website?
    • We believe that having a website would be an advantage but we do provide text links for people to promote our brand. If you have other promotion method or ideas, please contact us to discuss.
    • 7. Do you provide rewards to higher performing Affiliate?
    • CMD Affiliates may have their account tier upgraded or downgraded depending on their monthly performance. Our Affiliate tier system has four levels: Bronze, Silver, Gold and Diamond. All new CMD Affiliate accounts start at the bronze level. Affiliates will get an extra one-time only upgrade bonus and additional benefits when they successfully get upgraded to a higher tier. Please contact an Account Manager for more information.

    • 1. What kinds of links are used to promote CMD Affiliate Program?
    • Once you have successfully registered a CMD Affiliate account, you can automatically get access to banner and text links for Sportsbook (Tennis, Soccer, NBA, bonus and generic) and Casino that you may use to promote the CMD website.
    • 2. How do I create/add CMD Affiliate Banners and links?
    • 1)Simply login to your account on our Affiliate website.
      2)Click on “Market” where you will find a variety of banners and text links that you can use.
      3)Copy and paste the codes onto your website html page and upload.
      Note: To suit the style of your website, please make sure the banner size, language (English, Simplified Chinese), type (Sportsbook, Casino) before you upload the codes.
    • 3. Why should I create additional links?
    • Creating additional links to your website gives you greater chances of recruiting more referrals. The more referrals that come to our site, the greater your chances are of earning commission.
    • 4. How many links can I have to CMD?
    • You can have as many links as you like. The more links you have, the higher the likelihood that visitors will click through to CMD and generate more potential players and revenue for you.
    • 5. May I use the CMD logo or content on my site?
    • Once you have completed your registration, you will have access to a wide variety of banner and text links after signing up for our program. You are encouraged to use the sanctioned graphics and text links provided. You may not alter any banners without obtaining prior written permission from CMD. If you are unsure about your rights to use or modify the materials for your website, please email [email protected] or dial Customer Service contact Number:+855-8533 8338 to contact our affiliate team.
    • 6. Where should I place links and banners on my site?
    • We suggest locating our banners and links on the home page or other high traffic pages on your website. The more exposure you give CMD, the more visitors will see CMD, and click through to open a CMD account. You can also discuss placement with an Affiliate Account Manager for tips on how you can maximize the exposure of the links to your traffic.
    • 7. What if I have more than one website, should I use the same Affiliate username for all sites?
    • You may use more than one website to promote our brand. We highly recommend adding your tracker links to all of your websites. You can create up to 10 tracking links (each one has its own number). This will enable you to track the performance of each banner position and/or product (Sportsbook or Casino) separately to optimize your efforts. Managing multiple links is an easy once you have created and labeled your trackers.
    • 8. How do you know that a player came from my website?
    • Visitors who used your click-thru referral link to any CMD websites are record by a “cookie”. This means that even if your potential customer visits the website and for some reason doesn’t register an account right then and there, CMD will recognize them as your referral. If they establish an account while the cookie is in effect, they are your customer for life.
    • 9. Does CMD have a policy on spamming?
    • CMD does not tolerate Affiliates who engage in spam activities. If an Affiliate is discovered to be engaging in using spamming practices to market CMD, their account will be closed immediately, and any payments forfeited. Please refer to CMD’sTerms and Conditionsfor more information.
    • 1. what should I do to earn commission?
    • Once you’ve successfully posted our links on your website, you earn a revenue share based on the net profit generated from your referrals. Referrals are active players who have clicked through a CMD banner or text link on your website, created an account and is generating revenue. The more profit generated from your referrals on CMD, the higher your commission will be
    • 2. What is an "Active Player"?
    • An Active Player is one who has registered for a CMD player account, made a deposit and placed a successful bet.
    • 3. How is my commission calculated?
    • Your commission is calculated on the basis of the net profit we earn from players directed from your site(s).
    • 4. Is there a minimum payment requirement?
    • Our Affiliate accounts must have a minimum of 5 active referred customers and have earned referral commission per month of USD 70 or above before you will be eligible for a referral commission payment.
    • 5. How do I get paid?
    • You are required to register a player account. When you have met our required amount of commission, you will be able to transfer the balance from your affiliate account to player account. You are free to withdraw the amount to your bank account which registered on your player account anytime, provided the withdrawal condition is met. (Please make sure your bank account name and bank account number match).
    • Note: Your own player account cannot register by using any Affiliate banners and links (including banners and links on your website), that is to say, you cannot be any downline player of any affiliate, or your registered account will be deleted.
    • 6. When do I get my commission?
    • You are allowed to transfer your commission from affiliate account to player account once a month, between 3rd and 7th of every month.
    • 7. Can I have my commission paid to other player's account?
    • For security and privacy reasons, CMD only pays commissions to the Affiliate and will not transfer funds to other individuals. We apologize for any inconvenience caused.
    • 8.Do I earn commission from my own deposits or wagers?
    • Affiliates are not allowed to earn commission from their own betting accounts. If you sign up an account with CMD as a referral of yourself, your account will be removed from your referral portfolio.
    • 9. Am I guaranteed payment for your banners on my site?
    • You will only earn commissions based on our company’s net profit on your referred players. You will not earn commissions on impressions or clicks.
    • 10. Why does my Affiliate account show a negative balance?
    • If your report shows negative net earnings, it means that your referred players are bringing negative profit to the company. In other words, the total winnings of your referred players are more than their total losses. However, you are not required to pay this negative amount. Instead, the negative value will be applied to your balance when once your referred players begin to generate positive revenue, you will begin to earn commission again.
    • 11. How do I check the progress of my Affiliate account?
    • 1) Login to your CMD Affiliate account;
      2) On "Index" you can check the commission you have earned this month and numbers of registered members. Click on"Report->Member Win/lose report",you can check the statistics of last 5 months including member turnover, member win/lose and your commission. If there is a discrepancy, please contact our Customer Manager.
    • 12. What deposit and withdrawal methods does CMD offer its players?
    • Deposit:
    • All deposit options are instant and absolutely free, except for bank transfer. Registered customers can deposit using Debit or Credit Cards Player deposit methods are: debit card, bank transfer, and Click2Pay.
    • Withdrawal:
    • You can apply for withdrawing money in Deposit/Withdrawal on CMD website, or send your withdrawal request to our email address: [email protected]
        • 1. I'm not sure if my link is working properly, how do I know that my referrals are being tracked to me?
        • You may click on the CMD banner or links you uploaded to your website and check the corresponding click count under the Reports tab in your Affiliate account. Your traffic statistics are updated daily. Therefore, you can check them in the report the second day.(Please choose your period of time when you check the statistics)。
        • For urgent matters please do not hesitate to contact us :
        • Tel:+855-xxx xxx Affiliates email address:[email protected]
        • 2. What if I forget my password?
        • Please click on "forgot your password" located in our CMD Affiliate website, enter your username here to use it to reset your password.
        • 3.How do I change my account information?
        • After logging in you can modify your account information in "Account",or you can email[email protected] and indicate the information you wish to change such as address information, email addresses and website details, etc.
        • 4. Where do I send any comments,suggestions or complaints?
        • We value your comments and suggestions. Please send us an email at [email protected]. and we will respond as soon as possible.
        • 5. Can you give me more information about the players I have referred?
        • Protecting the privacy of CMD players and Affiliates is of the utmost importance. When opening an account they are assured that their information is safe. We do, however, provide the numbers of players so that our Affiliates can track their progress over time. Contact the Affiliates team for more information.
        • 6. Do you accept Affiliates from all countries?
        • We welcome Affiliates worldwide; however we currently service customers from the China market. If you have traffic from outside of China and are interested in joining CMD, you can do so by going to our web or by contacting the Affiliate Team.